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Scaloni won the Copa Championship

Scaloni won the Copa Championship. Lionel Scaloni, Argentina national team coach Lifting the Copa Championship America’s team this time is the greatness of the nation.

         ” Argentina ” defeated all-time rivals Brazil 1-0 in the final at Maracana on Sunday morning, sneezing in Thailand from Angel Di Maria’s goal to win the title. This is the first time in 28 years, which Scaloni pointed out that it is a big win for the team.

         “It’s a great championship especially for our people, I hope the Argentinians are happy. The fans supported the team unconditionally. I think they can show themselves that this team never gives up,” Scaloni said.

         “It’s a Copa fight. very difficult america Fortunately this time it was possible for us.”

         For the championship this time is to win the Copa. Argentina’s 15th America, the same number as Uruguay.