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Queen Elizabeth blesses the England team

Queen Elizabeth blesses the England team ahead of the Euros. Elizabeth II sends her best wishes ahead of the Euro 2020 Championships on Sunday.

         Back in 1966, the only time the Roaring Lions had won a major at the World Cup. Queen Elizabeth presented the trophy to captain Bobby Moore at the time. And in this Euro Cup there is a chance that the team will be successful again.

         Most recently, Queen Elizabeth II sent a message to England in their Euro-final against Italy. Which Southgate said they felt honored for themselves and their players.

         “It is wonderful to have a letter from the Queen and the Prime Minister to everyone on the team. And it has been recognized that all the players and staff are on the right track,” Southgate said.

         “We were greeted wonderfully on our way out of St George’s Training Ground, with welcoming people along the way. You have a better understanding of what is happening outside of our bubbles.”

         “Tomorrow (Sunday) we are in the final and we are here to win. It is important that we represent people and heritage here. But now we want to take home the championship for everyone.”