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Massimo Oddo believes to Milan to win long-term .

Former AC Milan defender Massimo Oddo believes the former club will be in contention for the title until the end of the season. Because there is no European football program to waste energy.

         “Red Devils – Black” are in second place in the Italian Serie A table at this time. Four points behind leaders Inter Milan after 19 games. Which Massimo Oddo sees the way “Python “It’s a more complete team. But the championship will be long until the end. Because Milan has no European games to interfere.

         “Of course Milan are ready to fight for the title and that has proven in the last one or two years. Even if they’re not the strongest team at the mat,” Oddo told UFABET La Gazzet da dello sport.

         “They are a ready team but compare to Inter. It has to be admitted that in terms of size and overall structure of the team there is more. Which doesn’t always mean winning the Scudetto. As you can see, it will be a fight until the very end.”

         “Pioli will have an advantage over competition such as being prepare for a full week of league games without another match in between, while Inter will play in the Champions League. A league where it inevitably consumes energy.”