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Manchester United have two the most expensive new players

Manchester United have two new players in the summer 2021, the most expensive in the English Premier League in the top five, Jadon Sancho and Raphael Varane. Grealish, who were picked up by Manchester City for £100 million.

‘ Sky Sports ‘ The House Top five players who are buying the most expensive market for a new team this summer. After the deadline 23:00 pm . On Tuesday, 31 in . C . It appears that Green Lichfield Rocking the application. Stan Villa comes to the Etihad Stadium, peaking at 9- figure pounds, also setting a UK buy – sell record .  

Second, Chelsea bought striker Romelu Lukaku from Inter Milan for 97.5 million pounds. Manchester United bought Sancho from Dortmund for 73 million pounds, followed by third.

Is the fourth defender Ben White moved from Brighton to R. Arsenal 50 million pounds and finished fifth as the ‘ Red Devils ‘ Sew center back to shop from Real Madrid for 41 million pounds.