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Mancini reveals his seat was taken by a ticketless

Mancini reveals his seat was taken by a ticketless. Andrea Mancini, son of Roberto Mancini, Italy national team coach. Revealed to watch the Euro 2020 game on the stairway behind ticketless fans who stormed into Wembley Stadium and took their seats.

In the Euro 2020 final, Italy won the title with England on penalties. Last sunday Something beautiful happened before the game after hundreds of unticketed fans broke through the barriers to watch the game on the pitch. 

The police and staff were unable to cope with the larger crowd of lowly football fans. And many people who entered the stadium took the seats of fans who had tickets. While the staff on the pitch were unable to push these fans out of their seats.

One of Roberto Mancini’s son Andrea Mancini was among the fans. Hes who were occupied with support for his father and his hometown at the stadium. 

Mancini the child revealed that “There were a lot of unticketed fans and I was taken away. So I had to watch the game in the first half on the stairs of the pitch. Until I found a space in the second half. Maybe it’s the lucky chair.”