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Manchester City has officially released the 2021-22 home shirt

Manchester City Football Club has officially released the 2021-22 home shirt. The design is inspired by the 2011-12 jersey season where they won the English Premier League for the first time in history. With a small gimmick, 93:20, referring to the winning goal, overtaking the championship from Sergio Aguero.

Back in May . C . 2012 game off last season’s dramatic championship race between Manchester United and City and it appears that the ‘ Red Devils ‘ to win a race before the end. Sunderland were 1-0, while the ‘ Blues ‘ were behind Queens Park Rangers as they entered stoppage time 2-1.  

However, commuting long hours , 5 minutes City from rival 2-2 from Edinburgh Pacheco then shot his 32- year goal to hit 3-2 minutes 90 + 4 to grab the three points is the champion in front of the fans at the Rieti HUD. The stadium marks their next top-flight title in 44 years.  

That makes the brand Puma took decades before the events that inspired the design of the shirt racing season highlighted bright blue , collar v chefs , emphasizes simplicity because when Jersey Season 2011-12 was plain colors. Blue with white v-neck border.