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Judge a new round of Juventus.

Sky Sport Italia further reports on Juventus appeal that the decision will be made in early June. Juventus appealed after their 15-point deduction in Serie A this season. But on Thursday the FIGC’s Court of Sport accepted the appeal. Allowing the Bianconeri to have 15 points deducted back. Back to rank 3rd in the league.

However, such cases are only covered during this season. Because many Italian media say that if the result of the next round is wrong. Juventus will start the 2023/24 season with a negative score.

Recently, Sky Sport Italia reported that the results of a new round of hearings are likely to come out in late May or early June. When the chances of the FIGC overturning the verdict are slim and the 15-point deduction will be upheld UFABET

Back in January, Zebra was investigated by the Italian police for fraudulent account manipulation to distort financial data. Mainly over trading players during 2018-2020. Before evidence suggests that cut off 15 points

It had previously been expected that Juventus could be deducted by nine points. But in a retrial at the request of the Turin prosecutor in January. Before reaching a conclusion. It is a penalty of deducting 15 points.