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Grading Chelsea players in the Premier League game

Grading Chelsea players in the Premier League game, a hot match Turn the board over to overtake Burnley 4-1 : Player Ratings

• Actually, Chelsea started this game poorly, falling behind Burnley first
• But Raheem Sterling showed his best form. Until the team beautifully overtakes the sign
• And this is the score of the Chelsea players’ abilities in this game.

It was consider a bad start, with Chelsea falling behind after Burnley’s first chance to finish, but after that it was clear that the local defense line was missing Super Saiyan Raheem Sterling. So, they were reclaim one by one by the Singha team until they won decisively 4-1. Taking back 3 points beautifully before the national team break. Report from

Chelsea player ratings

Robert Sanchez – 7

conceder an immediate goal from the home team’s first chance to score. But the same could not said When Wilson Odobert shot really well and in the second half made an important save to prevent the former’s long-range shot that narrowly slipped under the crossbar. Equal if the child is not too difficult It doesn’t pass easily.

Levi Colville – 6

Had an easy pass that led to Burnley’s goal, but there was no room for error next. And it’s a game that’s not difficult to play when you don’t have to add anything to the game, leaving Sterling to show off alone.

Axel Disasi – 6

Not a game that required a lot of work. When Burnley’s offensive line, aside from leading goals, there was hardly any danger to be seen and it looked like Disasi was adapting to the Premier League better and better.

Thiago Silva – 6

Like Disasi, it wasn’t a standout game. But did not face a serious test from the local offensive game. Especially in the second half where you can count the number of times you touch the ball.

Mark Gugureya – 4,

again at right-back. But they lost their stance and stop playing for a moment until they became separated, being punished by Wilson Odobert by shooting into the far post in the 15th minute, And also receiving an early yellow in the 26th minute for a sharp blocking kick. It’s good that it didn’t have a lot of negative effects on the team.

Moises Caicedo – 7

Playing increasingly strong. In each of the past games Even though he may not be the most outstanding person on the field But do your own work with discipline. and blocked the home team’s offensive game well throughout

Connor Gallagher – 7

has the same role as the latter. is a midfielder who connects the game Participate in both defense and offense. In this game, there was 1 assist, an accurate bet for Sterling to break through and hit the ball 3-1.

Cole Palmer – 7

quiet first half There aren’t many opportunities to make games. But the second half soon started and the first score was opened against Chelsea from a penalty where Sterling was caught and then later assisted for Nicholas Jackson to shoot to close the box 4-1. But the problem was that he seemed to be injured and had to leave at the end.

Enzo Fernandez – 6

Quality in possession or passing is not a problem. But as a full-strength attacking midfielder, it looks like Enzo might need a little more time to adjust and adjust to this role.

Raheem Sterling – 10

Deployed on the left wing. And it was one of the most outstanding games, creating a 1-1 goal, having the opportunity to move in from the left and then hitting the opponent into their own goal, at the beginning of the second half a penalty was called from the moment he pulled into the penalty area, adding perfection by Take him in and hit the second post 3-1. Moreover, the 4-1 goal started from Sterling’s inconsistent play on the left as well.

Armando Broya – 5

has the right to continue playing even though Nicholas Jackson is out of ban, but is a bit quiet, barely appearing on screen in the first half. And being immediately substituted, it is doubtful whether there will be additional pain or not.