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Alexis ready to renew OAM contract, but with conditions.

Alexis Sanchez is ready for a new contract Olympic Marseille. But with the condition that he must get a better football contract.

The Chilean striker moved to Marseille in the middle of last year. This season has made 16 goals from 37 appearances in all competitions. And is leading OM to win the Champions League quota on the Ligue stage. 

According to L’Equipe, the 34-year-old striker is ready to extend his contract on terms agreed last summer. Both parties have the option to extend for another year.

However, French publications say Alexis will want a better contract if the club qualify for the Champions League next season UFABET

In such a case, it is considered that there is still a disagreement because the OM side will want to keep Alexis for another year. But the board of directors is not ready to pay higher than necessary.

Both parties are expected to have a serious discussion after this. The important factor is inevitable the need to be compatible with both parties.

However, Alexis, who used to earn 400,000 pounds (16 million baht) per week from Manchester United, will receive the wages from Inter Milan, reduced to 300,000 pounds (12 million baht) per week, but when calculating income after deducting taxes in Italy There will be a weekly wage of 130,000 pounds (5.2 million baht).